Key Online Resources on African Languages

Stumped on where to look for information on a text in an African language?  Here’s a basic set of links that will provide you with a fundamental overview to the field:

Pan-African Localization wiki

Ethnologue: African Languages (SIL)

Electronic Bibliography of African Languages and Linguistics

Getting familiar with the names of languages, and the families they belong to, is a good first step.

Future posts in this category will cover some of the more comprehensive works in print for use in proposing new authority records or revisions to records that have been established, tools you can use for language identification, orthographic issues, and technical standards.

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6 thoughts on “Key Online Resources on African Languages

  1. It’s a start in the right direction. More training data would help improve the accuracy of their tool, but it has good language coverage and can be a way toward figuring what you have in hand if it’s unfamiliar.

  2. Great catch! Hadn’t seen it.

  3. “The Language Gulper” ( is a new website about world languages that includes 36 articles about African languages (4 major African phyla, 30 branches and individual languages, 2 about linguistic areas). All African articles can be reached via an introductory page to the continent:

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