The year ahead

Jan. 6:  ALA Poster session proposals due.

Jan. 14:  Deadline for proposals for Africa Section of IFLA conference in Helsinki.

Jan. 15: Deadline for paper proposals for an AEGIS-sponsored thematic conference on African literature in Mainz.

Jan. 15: Deadline for poster proposals for an ASIS-sponsored information architecture summit in New Orleans.

Jan. 20-24: ALA Midwinter Meeting in Dallas.

Jan. 30: Africa Gathering in Kampala.

Feb. 6-9: Code4Lib 2012 in Seattle.

Feb. 8-9:  IFLA Africa Section Midterm Meeting/School Libraries seminar in Bulawayo.

Feb. 14-19: 8th Festival du Niger in Ségou.

Feb. 17: Deadline for 2013 Jay Jordan IFLA/OCLC Fellowship.

Feb. 18-19: North American Conference on Afroasiatic Linguistics in New Brunswick.

Feb. 27: Deadline for proposals for AFLaT (Africa Language and Technology) workshop in Istanbul.

Mar. 15-17: 43rd Annual Conference on African Linguistics in New Orleans.

Mar. 19-23: IDLELO Fifth Annual Conference on Free and Open Source Software and the Digital Commons in Abuja.

Mar. 29-31: 44th Annual Liberian Studies Association conference in Ithaca.

Mar. 30-31: 20th Annual Graduate Student Conference in African Studies in Boston (Deadline for proposals has been extended until Feb. 17).

Apr. 11-15: African Literature Association conference in Dallas.

Apr. 12-14: IFLA Presidential Programme on Indigenous Knowledges in Vancouver.

Apr. 19-21: ALC Spring meeting in Madison.

Apr. 26-29: African Language Teachers Association conference in Madison.


May 11-Jun. 10: Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain in Dakar.

May 23-25: Seventh eLearning Africa Conference in Cotonou.

Jun. 4-8: XXth Standing Conference of the Eastern, Central and Southern Africa Library and Information Associations, Information for Sustainable Development in a Digital Environment, in Nairobi.

Jun. 6-8: 50th anniversary of the Center for African Studies in Edinburgh.

Jun. 18-29: CoLang Field Linguistics Workshops in Lawrence.

Jun. 21-26: American Library Association conference in Anaheim.

Jun. 25-26:  SCOLMA 50th Anniversary Conference 2012 in Oxford.

Jun. 25-27: “The Idea of Writing” Workshop in Paris.

Jul. 2-6: Forum mondial de la langue française in Quebec.

Jul. 2-27: CoLang Practicum in Lawrence.

Aug. 20-24: 7th World Congress of African Linguistics in Buea.

Sep. 19-23: 2nd National Joint Conference for Librarians of Color in Kansas City.

Oct. 29-Nov.2: 18th International Conference on Ethiopian Studies in Dire Dawa.

Nov. 29-Dec. 1: African Studies Association conference in Philadelphia.

Feb. 23-Mar. 2, 2013: FESPACO in Ouagadougou.

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2 thoughts on “The year ahead

  1. Jun. 25-26: SCOLMA 50th Anniversary Conference 2012 in Oxford (

  2. Thanks! I was looking for those dates too; I’ll add it to the list.

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