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E-books in African Languages

Current links to a handful of resources with links to books in African languages, some digitized and some born digital:

The Digital Somali Library at Indiana, and a hyperlinked Book of Genesis in Nuer.

The African Language Materials Archive, a collaborative project between DLIR and WARC.

SIL Bibliography (Country Index: Africa).

Check back for more; we’ll be eager to see this list grow!



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Black History Month

In appreciation of February as Black History Month, here are a few links to online exhibits and upcoming events:

The University of Virginia hosts a database of emigrants and emancipators, tracing through the history of migration of US freedmen to Liberia.  The Virginia Historical Society has uploaded almost two thousand digitized historical documents relating to Virginians of African descent and the experience of slavery and emancipation, out of a total collection of an estimated eight million that remained unpublished.

Low Country Africana brings together research tools and resources covering black heritage in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Yale’s Public History Institute will host, with the co-sponsorship of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, an eight-day seminar in July, addressing issues of interpretation of African American history.

The Smithsonian also takes a look through an exhibit running through October 14th entitled “Paradox of Liberty”, about slavery at Jefferson’s Monticello.

And, on a much lighter note:  Bogolan!

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Coptic Manuscripts and Papyri

A couple of the larger resources for searching materials in Coptic include APIS, housed at Columbia, for papyri, and CMCL, based in Rome, for manuscript material, including the works of Shenoute the Archimandrite.

They’re works in progress:  check if your institution’s collections have been fully uploaded.  US member institutions of APIS include UC-Berkeley, CSU-Sacramento, the University of Chicago, Columbia, Duke, Michigan, NYU, Penn, Princeton, SMU, Stanford, Union Theological Seminary, Washington State-Pullman, Wisconsin and Yale.  Members of CMCL include Columbia, Michigan, the Pierpont Morgan Library, and Yale.

There used to be a romanization table available for Coptic, included in the Greek table.  Since the updating of the Greek table, this is no longer the case, but a new table for Coptic is expected to be drafted later.  In the meantime, a guide can be found here.

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MARC Organization Code

BREAKING NEWS: The Africana Subject Funnel has applied for and been assigned MARC Organization Code <CaStASA> which will facilitate the collection of funnel statistics. 

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