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Unicode script proposals up for active review: Loma, Garay, Adlam

Recently drafted script proposals for the Unicode Technical Committee and IS0 10646 standard have been posted and are ready for review.  These are for the Loma script of Liberia and Guinea, the Garay script invented by El Hadj Assane Faye, primarily intended for the Wolof language, and the Adlam script of Guinea and Nigeria, invented by Abdoulaye and Ibrahima Barry, primarily intended for the Fula language.  Enjoy!

Update #1 (4/6/16):  Here is a two-page sample of the Loma script as it exists in modern usage:  loma2 loma3

Update #2 (4/10/16):  More documentation of Loma usage:

Monod (1943)

Joffre (1945)

Lelong (1946)

Leopold (1986)

LomaBalla (2009)

LomaJustin (ca. 2009)

LomaToupouEtAl (2009)

Some audio interview material from the field:


And a link to some books in ADLaM:

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