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The Mandombe script

Another script that merits further review is the Mandombe script developed by David Wabeladio Payi, a Congolese follower of Simon Kimbangu.  Here is a link to the most recent proposal for its inclusion into Unicode.  There are at least twenty or so books and one map that have been produced so far using the script, which is technically a little more complex than most in the way its characters combine.  All the characters are geometric compositions of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines.  It has a distinctive look, with fourteen combining diacritics and four acute accents that do not combine.

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Some favorites

Here’s a sample of a few of the more memorable records I’ve had the pleasure of cataloging.  Hope you’ll find them intriguing and maybe worth checking out:

Dictionnaire de poche : Français-Tamazight : Tamazight-Français.

Manuel de conjugaison de l’amazighe = Adlis n usfti n tmaziɣt.

Pátris Lúmunba kótíi fɔ́lɔfɔlɔ̀ fàa ɲá dɔ́sarì.

Winden jangen e hāla Pular : deftere tāli e tindi Pular.

Meqoqo ea phirimana.

Articles : publiés dans le bulletin de l’IFAN, Institut fondamental d’Afrique noire, 1962-1977.

YaBihon ʼālam.

YaRāsśélās masfena ʼItyoṗyā tārik.

Livre d’initiation au Garay.

Update #1 (4/14/16):  The first two records both use Tifinagh script, which at first wasn’t displaying natively in the Chrome browser; an extension was needed for Tifinagh display support.  Now that appears to be rectified; the Tifinagh script should be displaying well across most of the common browsers:  Chrome, Explorer and Firefox.  I haven’t tried viewing it on Safari yet though.

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