Some favorites

Here’s a sample of a few of the more memorable records I’ve had the pleasure of cataloging.  Hope you’ll find them intriguing and maybe worth checking out:

Dictionnaire de poche : Français-Tamazight : Tamazight-Français.

Manuel de conjugaison de l’amazighe = Adlis n usfti n tmaziɣt.

Pátris Lúmunba kótíi fɔ́lɔfɔlɔ̀ fàa ɲá dɔ́sarì.

Winden jangen e hāla Pular : deftere tāli e tindi Pular.

Meqoqo ea phirimana.

Articles : publiés dans le bulletin de l’IFAN, Institut fondamental d’Afrique noire, 1962-1977.

YaBihon ʼālam.

YaRāsśélās masfena ʼItyoṗyā tārik.

Livre d’initiation au Garay.

Update #1 (4/14/16):  The first two records both use Tifinagh script, which at first wasn’t displaying natively in the Chrome browser; an extension was needed for Tifinagh display support.  Now that appears to be rectified; the Tifinagh script should be displaying well across most of the common browsers:  Chrome, Explorer and Firefox.  I haven’t tried viewing it on Safari yet though.

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