A Vai manuscript from 1913

In 2005, Dr. Mohamed B. Nyei and Dr. John Singler brought to my attention a manuscript of 180 pages that had been borrowed in Liberia from the family of its author, Boima Kiakpomgbo. With Mohamed’s permission, I digitized the manuscript that year using a large-format scanner. Since last year, Tombekai Sherman has been working to transcribe and translate the manuscript. I am posting here files from the work in progress, as Mohamed prepares to return to Liberia later this year.


MSVai1913_1_1 MSVai1913_1_2 MSVai1913_1_3 MSVai1913_1_4

MSVai1913_1_5 MSVai1913_1_6 MSVai1913_1_7 MSVai1913_1_8

MSVai1913_2_1 MSVai1913_2_2 MSVai1913_2_3 MSVai1913_2_4


MSVai1913_3_1 MSVai1913_3_2 MSVai1913_3_3

MSVai1913_4_1 MSVai1913_4_2

MSVai1913_5_1 MSVai1913_5_2

MSVai1913_6_1 MSVai1913_6_2 MSVai1913_6_3 MSVai1913_6_4

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