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Dictionary in Baga Tshi-Tem

Courtesy of Frederick John Lamp, curator emeritus of the African art collection at the Yale Art Gallery, a Baga Tshi-Tem dictionary is now available online for study.  It runs to about three thousand words, containing entries for a few other Baga languages as well.  It is the result of several years of research in Guinea by Fred.  The group that he worked with also turned up evidence of another Baga language that was not known to researchers before, Tshol.  A much shorter wordlist of about 100 words and phrases has been drafted for that language.  The numbers have yet to be added in.  Pending permission clearance with David Conrad, I will upload it here as well in an update to this post.

Update (6/14-6/18/21):  The Baga Tshi-Tem dictionary linked to on this site has been updated with a new version supplied by Fred.  The earlier version may be supplied on request.

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