Coordinator: Margaret W. Hughes, Africana Librarians Council, Cataloging Committee

This report covers the period from Nov. 2014 to Oct. 2015.  Since the last report 24 new and 29 revised subject heading proposals were reviewed by funnel participants and submitted to the Library of Congress. The proposals originated with Margaret Hughes (Stanford), Joe Lauer (Michigan State), Peter Limb (Michigan State), Chuck Riley (Yale), Janet Stanley (Smithsonian), and Marcia Tiede (Northwestern).


Abe language

Abidji language

Abure language

Adyukru language

Afade dialect –> Afade language

Afar language

Ahizi language

Alladian language

Ama language (Sudan)

Amaa (African people) –> Ama (African people)

Attie language

Bafo language

Borna language

Cross River Mbembe language

Ebrié (African people)

Ébrié Lagoon (Côte d’Ivoire)

Ebrié language

Eleme language

Gambai dialect –> Ngambay language

Guineans (Guinea-Bissauans)

/Hua language

Isoko language

Jarbah Island (Tunisia) –> Jerba Island (Tunisia)

Kambari languages

Kamberi (African people) –> Kambari (African people)

Kébé-kébé (Dance)

Kotoko dialects –> Kotoko languages

Kru languages

Kyak (African people)

Lagwan language

Laka language (Central Sudanic)

Logooli language

Mambai language (Cameroon and Chad)

Mawri (African people)

Mbula language (Nigeria)

Meta language (Cameroon)

Mmen language

Moghamo language

Ngwo language (Cameroon)

Niger—History—Coup d’état, 2010

Okiek (African people)

Punu language

Sama (Angolan people)

Saxwe Gbe language

Sidamo language

Sudanese Creole Arabic language

Sundi (African people) –> Suundi (African people)

Suundi language

Tigon Mbembe language

Tsikimba language

!Xõ language

Zarma (African people)

Zarma dialect –> Zarma language


The funnel is still working with LC on a project to change several “Bantu” headings, such as Bantu art, Bantu law, Bantu mythology and Bantu philosophy.  Use of the word “Bantu” is problematic.

The funnel coordinator spoke with Janis Young at ALA and she too shares our concern regarding the difference (if any) between diaspora headings versus headings constructed as [Ethnic group]—Foreign countries.  PSD will look into it.


Ajatado (African people)                [see:

Bafo (African people)                     [see:

Berber languages                            [see:

Cental Atlas Tamazight language [see:

Okiek language                 [see:

Proverbs, Ashanti             [see:

Tsotsitaal languages        [see:


Africa, Central: proposal to modify scope note      [see:

Africa, English-speaking Central: proposal to establish [see:

Bantu-speaking peoples: proposal to add scope note & disallow geographic subdivision [see:

Lagoon languages: proposal to delete [see:

Sudanese Arabic language: proposal to establish [see:



Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings: Monthly Lists for Nov. 2014-Oct. 2015

The submitting library’s MARC21 code appears after each entry.

Art, Lesothan – DLC

Art, Sudanese – DLC

Art, Swazi – DLC

Authors, Beninese – CSt

Burundian literature (French) – DLC

Cameroonian diaspora – IEN

Cameroonians—Migrations – DLC

Creole dialects, Arabic—South Sudan – DLC

Dadès River Valley (Morocco) – DLC

Deserts—Algeria – DLC

Deserts—Tunisia – DLC

Didactic drama, Swahili – IEN

Djibouti—Languages – DLC

East Africans – VaVbRU

Ethiopia—History—Attempted coup, 1989 – DLC

Fashion—African influences – IEN

Folk drama, Mambila – FU

Folk literature, Burkinabe – IEN

Fuliru language –> Fuliiru language – DLC

Grand Erg Occidental (Algeria) – DLC

Grand Erg Oriental (Algeria and Tunisia) – DLC

Hodna Plain (Algeria) – DLC

Hymns, Fula – FU

Lagoons—Côte d’Ivoire – DLC

Love stories, African (English) –> Romance fiction, African (English) – DLC

Love stories, Ghanaian (English) –> Romance fiction, Ghanaian (English) – DLC

Love stories, Hausa –> Romance fiction, Hausa – DLC

Love stories, Nigerian (English) –> Romance fiction, Nigerian (English) – DLC

Love stories, South African –> Romance fiction, South African – DLC

Love stories, Tanzanian (English) –> Romance fiction, Tanzanian (English) – DLC

Love stories, Ugandan (English) –> Romance fiction, Ugandan (English) – DLC

Love stories, Zimbabwean (English) –> Romance fiction, Zimbabwean (English) – DLC

Magaliesberg (South Africa) – DLC

Mahoran literature (French) – DLC

Makay Mountain (Madagascar) – DLC

Mali—History—Tuareg Rebellion, 2012- —Campaigns – DLC

Mambila drama – DLC

Mambila literature – DLC

Marghād (Berber tribe) – DLC

Men, Maasai – TNJ

Mgeta River (Tanzania) – MiEM

Mountains—Madagascar – DLC

Mythology, San – IEN

National characteristics, Burundian – IEN

National monuments—Nigeria – DLC

N’Djamena, Battle of, N’Djamena, Chad, 2008 – IEN

Operation Serval, 2013-2014 – IEN

Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove (Oshogbo, Nigeria) – IEN

Paranormal fiction, Congolese (Brazzaville) (French) – IEN

Parc national de Birougou (Gabon) – CSt

Parc national de la Lopé (Gabon) – CSt

Parc national de Loango (Gabon) – CSt

Parc national de Mayumba (Gabon) – CSt

Parc national de Minkébé (Gabon) – CSt

Parc national de Moukalaba-Doudou (Gabon) – CSt

Parc national de Waka (Gabon) – CSt

Parc national des plateaux Batéké (Gabon) – CSt

Peacekeeping forces, Ghanaian – IEN

Posters, Algerian – Uk

Proverbs, Guro – DLC

Proverbs, Kabyle – CSt

Proverbs, Nupe – CSt

Riddles, Yoruba – IEN

Rwandan literature (English) – CLU

Rwandan poetry (English) – CLU

Sacred groves—Nigeria – DLC

Sand dunes—Algeria – DLC

Sand dunes—Tunisia – DLC

Sculpture, Ghanaian – IEN

Short stories, Togolese (French) – DLC

Speeches, addresses, etc., African – CSt

Speeches, addresses, etc., Angolan – CSt

Speeches, addresses, etc., Ivoirian – CSt

Talking drum – CaStSMF

Talking drum music – CaStSMF

Tel el-Kebir, Battle of, Egypt, 1882 – Uk

Yoruba (African people)—Migrations – DLC

Yoruba diaspora – IEN










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  1. “Tostsitaal” should be “Tsotsitaal”. (It’s correct in the proposal to LC.)

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