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ALC at Northwestern

It was a pleasure to attend the Africana Librarians Council meeting in Evanston last week, hosted by the Herskovits Library at Northwestern University. Pippa Skotnes was a featured speaker; some of her unique work can be seen here: Souleymane Bachir Diagne also gave a lecture after the conference that some of us were able to attend. We were treated to a tour of the Center for Research Libraries and discussed microfilming newspapers from Malawi and Ethiopia.  Dinner on Thursday night was hosted by Shoshanah Seidman.  It was nice to see the John Hunwick collection getting processed at the Herskovits. All around, a thought-provoking experience, culminating with a dinner at the Ethiopian Diamond II in Rogers Park.  Thanks to our colleagues Esmeralda Kale, David Easterbrook, Marcia Tiede, Gene Kannenberg, Jr., Shoshanah, Paul Burley, Shelley Morrison, Florence Mugambi, Judy Eckoff Alspach, Bethany Bates, and James Simon for hosting.

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