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The UDHR in the invented Shü-mom language, in the A-ka-u-ku script of the Bamum people

Thanks to the effort of Kapu Njikam Abdel Ramadan, in work sponsored by Athinkra, LLC, we now have a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights translated into the Shü-mom language of the Bamum people of Cameroon, using its indigenous script known as “A-ka-u-ku”.  This translation has yet to be typed in, but will soon join the other 502 translations that exist.  We are happy to post it here.

Update:  I received a report that this is not actually in the Shü-mom language, but in another language using the A-ka-u-ku script.  This will take a little more analysis; I’ll be happy to report more once we’ve got it figured out.

Update #2:  While we’re still working on deciphering this, there is a copy of the UDHR in the Bamum (or Bamun) language using Latin script posted here:




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