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Newly cataloged Ethiopic MSS at Yale’s Beinecke Library

With no small amount of assistance from Steve Delamarter of George Fox University and the Ethiopian Manuscript Imaging Project (EMIP), a set of about thirty Ethiopian manuscripts have begun to receive enhanced cataloging in the Yale Library online catalog.  Any errors or omissions are strictly my own.  To find them, simply point your browser to Yale’s Quicksearch (, and perform a call number search for the terms ‘ethiopic’ and ‘beinecke’.  You should have a result set of the thirty-three manuscripts covered by this project, a little out of order, and with a couple of minor gaps in the numbering sequence.  Some of these date to as early as the 17th century; included are a computus and a synaxarium.  Full digitization has not yet been undertaken for this set, although you can find in the Beinecke’s digital collections images of the cases of Ethiopic MSS 5, 29 and 30, and imagery of Ethiopic MSS 28, a scroll, the text of which has been digitized.

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