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A message from a teacher of Adlam

Forwarding this from a colleague in the Gambia:

“Hi, my name is Alhassana Barry.  I teach the Adlam script to students in Banjul, The Gambia on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If you have any questions about the Adlam script or the Fula language, I would be happy to help answer them.”

𞤮𞤲 𞤶𞤢𞥄𞤪𞤢𞥄𞤥𞤢 𞤳𞤮 𞤥𞤭𞤲 𞤥𞤵𞤧𞤭𞤯𞤮 𞤥𞤮𞤲 𞤮𞤲 𞤢𞤤𞤸𞤢𞤧𞤢𞤲𞤢 𞤦𞤢𞤪𞥆𞤭.  𞤱𞤨𞤥𞤯𞤮𞤲 𞤤𞤫𞤴𞤣𞤭 𞤺𞤢𞤲𞤦𞤮𞤢 𞤮 𞤧𞤢𞤴𞤭 𞤯𞤮𞥅 𞤥𞤭𞤯𞤮 𞤲𞤮𞤣𞥆𞤢 𞤳𞤢𞤤𞤢 𞤬𞤢𞤤𞤢𞥄𞤯𞤮 𞤶𞤢𞤲𞤺𞤵𞤣𞤫 𞤢𞤣𞤤𞤢𞤥 𞤱𞤢𞤤𞤢 𞤸𞤵𞤲𞤨𞤭𞤼𞤢𞤣𞤫 𞤳𞤮 𞤴𞤮𞤧𞤭𞤼𞤭 𞤫 𞤢𞤣𞤤𞤢𞤥 𞤥𞤭 𞤬𞤢𞤥𞤭𞤲𞤢𞤴 𞤮𞤲 𞤼𞤭𞤺𞤭 𞤳𞤮 𞤥𞤭 𞤬𞤢𞥄𞤥𞤭 𞤥𞤭 𞤳𞤮𞤲



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