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Recently digitized material from SOAS

As I was looking into Congolese languages recently, I came across some references to records of typescript material of Edwin William Smith from the 1930’s on the Efé language of the Ituri Forest.  I then checked with a colleague, Erich Kesse, who kindly went ahead and digitized and uploaded the material.  It may be of particular current relevance in light of the Ebola outbreak that is affecting the area–not to say that Efé is widely spoken, but considered study of the material may still be warranted.  Here is what Erich sent along:

Smith, Edwin William, 1876-1957
Efe (Mbuti): Chapters 8 – 16 of the Gospel of Mark in Efe (ca. 1936)
N.B. This appears to be Smith’s reference text for numbered references in other texts.

Efe (English) vocabulary (1936)
Carbon copy:

Efe (Mbuti): Grammar notes on verbs and tenses (ca. 1936)
A Tentative grammar of the Efe or Mbuti language (1938)

As a reminder, FAQ’s on Ebola in Congolese Kiswahili, Kinande, and Lese are also now available for the region:

Congolese Kiswahili:




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