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The beginnings of a Wikipedia in Bété

I asked Hermann Gnepa and Dodo Bai in Côte d’Ivoire if they would be interested in translating any articles from the French Wikipedia about the Bété language.  Dodo Bai, who was a student of the late Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, responded with the following article, handwritten in the script that Bouabré invented:

Bete Wikipedia Article

While more data needs to be gathered on the ways of using the Bété script, this can help start to serve as a point of reference, alongside other materials collected, for developing a full encoding proposal.

In the meantime, a font encoded in the Private Use Area (PUA) of Unicode has been produced, and a sample of how it looks so far on the web may be found here:

The above table has not met with full approval of Bété users however, so it should be regarded as a non-normative work in progress, demonstrating proof of concept of the encodability of the script.

Update (2/17/2023):  Here is an additonal article, split into two files, about the city of Daloa:



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