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Loma texts from Wozi

There is a set of Liberian Loma texts that I received in PDF form from a linguist who gave them to me on USB at a conference in Paris in 2017. I have checked on possible successor institutions to the literacy center that likely produced them, and have heard no objection to posting the texts here.

UPDATE: I have just come to realize that I was mistaken about the provenance. The images of texts that I received in Paris are a different set of files.

UPDATE #2: The content above has been edited.

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Two-part interview series coming up

The Library of Congress will be hosting an interview in two parts with James Armstrong, a former field director who served in Nairobi, on January 6th and January 20th. Here are the links:

 January 6, 2022

January 20, 2022

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More memorials

As 2021 gives way to 2022, let us remember more of those who have passed on in recent months:

-November 11, 2021. F. W. de Klerk, former president of South Africa, who shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela for bringing about an end to apartheid. He declined a Harper Fellowship at Yale Law School in 1997.

-November 29, 2021. Robert Farris Thompson, professor emeritus of art history at Yale, specializing in cultural flows from Africa across the Atlantic.

-December 15, 2021. bell hooks, who taught at Yale as an assistant professor of African and Afro-American studies, as well as English.

-December 24, 2021. Kenya Siana Flash, a librarian of government and political science at Yale, passed away.

-December 26, 2021. The Most Reverend Desmond Tutu, Archbishop of Cape Town.

-January 2, 2022. Richard Leakey, former director of the National Museums of Kenya.

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